We are inviting you to comment on the draft plan and the vision being presented for your town
As part of Carmarthenshire County Council’s Ten Towns Initiative, we are supporting the economic recovery and growth of rural towns across the county. We have been working with the local business community, Town Council and local stakeholders to prepare a plan to guide investment and support sustainable and inclusive growth now and into the future.

Local businesses have been contributing their ideas and opinions since late 2020, and these have helped draft the initial version of the plan. Following the consultation with local businesses and residents a draft plan has been produced. The draft plan is open for public consultation.
Why are we doing this?
The economic impacts of Coronavirus are extraordinary and unprecedented for our generation. These impacts are mostly negative for the local economy, but there have also been some positives, with communities more engaged and focused on what really matters, and receptive to sustainable actions and supporting their local town and economy.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Carmarthenshire County Council had launched the Ten Towns initiative in support of the growth and resilience of rural towns across the County. The aim was to develop a long-term strategic vision for each town to support economic growth and to encourage more vibrant, economically sustainable centres. This initiative has been given a new emphasis, in light of the pandemic, to address immediate economic recovery as well as building for longer-term growth.

What support is there?
In response to COVID-19, the County Council has established underpinning resources to support the recovery and growth of rural towns. Working with Welsh Governments and the RDP Leader programme, a range of new initiatives and business support will be made available.

The recovery and growth plan are important because they provide the supporting evidence of the local needs and identify the range of opportunities these new funds and resources could help to deliver, which include:
  • The appointment of Market Town Officers who will work with towns to take forward actions identified within the economic recovery and growth plans.
  • New seed funding to assist the town's growth plan teams to develop innovative solutions to meet both their immediate needs and future growth ambitions.
  • Potential for new capital funding to support ideas identified in the recovery and growth plans and also to support the development of much-needed start-up and grow on employment space.
  • Carmarthenshire County Council Business Grant Funds – opportunities for businesses to apply for direct support through the Rural Enterprise Fund, Transformational Commercial Property Development Fund, Business Start-Up Fund and Business Growth Fund.
  • Town digital solutions – a series of initiatives to support businesses and communities to obtain faster and more reliable internet connectivity, and adaptation including a series of webinars to help to build a successful business online and application of digital SMART towns.
  • Cycle Friendly Infrastructure including cycle storage provision at key locations including public transport interchanges and exploring the potential to introduce E-Bike charging.
  • Funding has been secured for local marketing/distinctiveness including branded promotional material, prepared social media content for every town
  • Local energy plans - Carmarthenshire Energy Limited will support communities to identify and scope potential sites for new energy generation.

What type of Plan?
The plan is based on the principles of co-design and encouraging the continued involvement of local businesses, communities and stakeholders from an early stage in its development. Delivery will be focused around a shared vision for the town and its rural hinterland supported by shared priorities and outcomes.

The plan is also a collaboration between all stakeholders: businesses, local authorities and community; decision-makers and delivery bodies. The benefit of this approach is a more joined-up and locally responsive plan.

With this in mind, the plan will help coordinate and target available resources to contain the scale of the downturn triggered by the pandemic and stimulate demand and confidence, ensuring that the local economy can recover as quickly as possible.

The plan also seeks to support all types and size of businesses, whether major local employers, traditional industry, town centre, rural enterprises or tourism. It is also a plan to encourage enterprises and new start-up businesses.
Please choose an option below to find out more and to give feedback
Background research and familiarisation with the town and surrounding area. Initial stakeholder engagement.November 2020 to December 2020
SWOT analysis and establish local growth teams.January 2021
Drafting ideas, stakeholder meetings and initial planFebruary 2021 to May 2021
Draft plan and public consultationJuly 2021
Final planSummer 2021
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